Coordinating Logistics
What will you need to coordinate logistics for your event?

Steps to Success: After the Event


Acknowledge everyone who made the event possible.

Lots of blood, sweat, and tears went into making your participatory archiving event a reality. Take some time to acknowledge your appreciation for the organizations and sponsors who helped. Remind them where the collection will be available, and if possible, an estimate of when the collection will be available online. 

The Event Coordinator may decide to:

  • Write personal emails and notes to Project Team members, organizations, and/or sponsors;
  • Write an email to Contributors thanking them for their participation and reminding them that they will be notified by a Project Team representative when the collection is available;
  • Write a thank you to include in Project Team organization newsletters;
  • Write a thank you to include in Project Team organization blogs and/or websites;
  • Write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper;
  • Post a thank you on social media; and
  • Thank anyone else who helped and/or supported the event.


Conduct an event debrief with the Coordinators.

After a few days to allow time for reflection, the Event Coordinator will check in with the Community Coordinator and the Collection Coordinator to debrief. The Event Coordinator may choose to host a meeting with the other two Coordinators or to use a less formal communication method such as an email or a phone call. 

Discuss what worked well during the event and share any highlights from the day. Make a note of what changes you would make if your Project Team decides to host another participatory archiving event in the future. This debrief can also be a great opportunity for the coordinators to confirm that everyone has what they need to move forward in the next steps of putting the collection online, preserving it, and sharing it with the public.


Collect feedback from the Event Working Group.

Reconnect with the Event Working Group to determine their perspectives and talk about how things went at the event. The Event Coordinator may decide to host another meeting, send an email, or conduct a brief online survey using a free program like GoogleForms or SurveyMonkey

Ask the Event Working Group about their experiences training before the event and then interacting with the public during the event. What were the successes and challenges? What went well that the Project Team may want to replicate at future events? What changes would they recommend?