Coordinating Logistics
What will you need to coordinate logistics for your event?

Steps to Success: At the Event


Set up event space, break room, and outdoor signage.

Prior to the event, place furniture and equipment in the event space according to the Event Floor Plan and station checklists. Prepare the volunteer break room with refreshments. If your Project Team chose to create outdoor signage, install banners, posters, and directional signs to guide Contributors to the event space.


Volunteers arrive and attend the Opening Meeting.

<p>Carolyn Goldstein welcomes volunteers at the opening meeting for the Chinese American Experiences Mass. Memories Road Show, 2018.</p>

Carolyn Goldstein welcomes volunteers at the opening meeting for the Chinese American Experiences Mass. Memories Road Show, 2018.

All volunteers will need to arrive approximately one hour prior to the event start time. Volunteers will begin by registering themselves at the Welcome Station; once registered, they will have a nametag with a Contributor number and will be prepared to contribute any Items they brought to add to the collection. 

Provide copies of the floor plan and a list of volunteer assignments and schedule.

Before the event is opened to the public, the Event Coordinator will call everyone together to welcome the group and share general reminders. Announcements could include: 

  • A welcome and thank you to all volunteers;
  • An introduction of all Event Working Group members and their station assignments;
  • The location of bathrooms, fire escapes, water fountains, etc.;
  • A review of the event schedule;
  • Plans for breaks, food, and lunch;
  • A reminder when and where the final collection will be available; and
  • An opportunity for questions.

The Opening Meeting is a great opportunity to take a picture of your Project Team!


Volunteers divide into station teams and practice.

After the Opening Meeting, Station Captains will convene volunteers at each station. Captains will confirm that all required supplies are available, review what is going to happen at the station, and answer any questions. Then volunteers will practice their station duties: 

  • At the Welcome Station, the Captain and Volunteers will confirm that all Event Working Group members are properly registered and received nametags.
  • At the Information Station, the Captain and Volunteers will practice by selecting and describing Items contributed by their fellow Volunteers. 
  • At the Copying Station, Captain and Volunteers will turn on and test equipment. In addition they will practice by copying Items by their fellow Volunteers and reviewing associated Descriptive Information Forms.


Open the doors to the public.

Congratulations, your event is officially open! 

The Event Coordinator is responsible for supporting the Station Captains, trouble-shooting, answering questions, and doing whatever is needed to ensure the event runs smoothly. The Collection Coordinator will work together with the Copying Station Captain to complete a mid-day review and backup of the Copying Station files. All Station Captains are responsible for the effective operation of their stations.

Throughout the day, all volunteers are responsible for ensuring Contributors feel welcome and understand what is going on, where to go, and how to participate. 

Remember to look around and enjoy the fruits of your labor!


Secure and package collection-related materials for delivery to the Digital Preservation Specialist.

The handoff of the collection-related materials is one of the most important steps in the entire participatory archiving process. The files and forms from your event will become your digital collection. 

The Welcome Station Captain will organize and deliver the Event Registration and Permission Forms to the Digital Preservation Specialist

The Copying Station Captain will organize and deliver Descriptive Information Forms to the Digital Preservation Specialist.

The Collection Coordinator will work with the Digital Preservation Specialist to back up collected digital files from each Copying Station computer.

The Digital Preservation Specialist will be responsible for securely storing the collection materials (all digtal files and compelted forms) for processing at a later date.


Clean up the event space.

It’s all hands on deck for the Project Team to clean up the event. Everyone will need to pitch in to pack up equipment, supplies, and signage. Try to put furniture back as best you can. Don’t forget about the volunteer break area; be sure to send leftovers home with volunteers and discard trash. Leave the event space in the condition requested by the host location.