The Roadmap

The Roadmap is organized into four overarching sections of modules: Getting Started, Community, Event, and Collection. For an overview of what each section covers, review the Using the Roadmap page.

Getting Started

Using the Roadmap

How should you use this resource?

Building a Team

Who are your Project Team members?

Creating a Timeline

How do you create a timeline for planning your event?

The Community

Ensuring Inclusiveness

How can cultural competence inform your project?

Defining Community

Whose stories are you collecting?

Collecting Stories

Which stories are you collecting?

Engaging Participants

How can you encourage people to attend and contribute at your event?

The Event

Coordinating Logistics

What will you need to coordinate logistics for your event?

Obtaining Permissions

How can you handle copyright and get permission from Contributors?

Describing Items

What information can you collect about Contributors and their Items?

Copying Items

How can you make digital copies of Contributors' Items?

The Collection

Putting the Collection Online

How can you provide online access to the collection?

Preserving the Collection

How can you keep the collection safe for future generations?