Engaging Participants
How can you encourage people to attend and contribute at your event?

Steps to Success: At the Event


Remind volunteers to contribute Items.

As community members, volunteers will likely have Items to contribute to the collection. It’s important to let them know they are eligible and encourage them to register at the Welcome Station, describe their Items at the Information Station, and copy their Items at the Copying Station. 

There’s a practice period built into the schedule for the volunteers to contribute Items before the event opens to the public. Volunteers can also identify “lulls” or slow periods during the event when they can share items.


Gather information about attendees using the Event Registration and Permission Form.

<p>Welcome Station at the Quincy Mass. Memories Road Show, 2007</p>

Welcome Station at the Quincy Mass. Memories Road Show, 2007

As Contributors complete the Event Registration and Permission Form, they will answer questions about their connection to the community and how they heard about the event. This information will be used after the event to help the Community Working Group learn which methods of advertising worked best to reach the community. The form also provides Contributor contact information for future communication about the collection and potential follow-up events.


Designate someone to take pictures at the event.

There’s a lot going on during the event, and you may find the hours flying by. The Community Coordinator will assign someone on your Project Team to capture the moment and spirit of the event by taking photographs. 

Photographs can be posted to social media in real time or used for follow-up publicity after the event. In addition, your Project Team may decide to document the event and include these photographs in the collection.


Talk to the media at the event.

Members of the press may attend your event, and it’s helpful to provide them with a tour of the event room and an explanation of what’s happening at all of the stations. The Community Coordinator, or the designated Outreach Specialist, will serve as a point person who can answer questions about the event goals, the community, and the future collection. They can also introduce reporters to other Project Team members or community members as appropriate.