Defining Community
Whose stories are you collecting?

Steps to Success: After the Event


Review data from the Event Registration and Permission Form.

After the Event Working Group completes the Descriptive Information Spreadsheet, the Community Coordinator will receive a copy. The answers to the questions, “How are you connected to the community?” and “How did you hear about the event?” can be used to help the Community Coordinator and the Community Working Group determine how successful they were in reaching the full community. Share your analysis of the data with the Project Team. Should the Project Team plan another event in the future, this information can be immensely helpful in determining where efforts or funding should be directed for maximum effect.


Gather feedback from event participants.

Collect and share any informal feedback you receive from participants with the Project Team. After working at a participatory archiving event, it’s wonderful to hear that your efforts were appreciated or to know what changes could be made to improve the experience at a future event.

Depending on the needs of your community and your Project Team, the Community Coordinator may decide to send a quick, 3-5 question follow-up survey using free programs like Google Forms or Survey Monkey to gauge how participants’ understanding of their community changed due to the event.