Defining Community
Whose stories are you collecting?

Steps to Success: At the Event


Let the community shine.

Remember, this event is for and about the community, so it’s important to find ways to help make the community see and feel its own presence. 

Community Representatives from the Project Team and other recruited volunteers should be present to help welcome Contributors, explain the event, and guide them throughout the day. Some Contributors may be shy or reluctant to participate until they see a familiar face.

Once it gets going, a participatory archiving event often feels like a reunion! As Contributors are going through the stations to submit their Items, they may reconnect with old friends and neighbors or mingle with new acquaintances. Someone may notice a recently contributed Item being projected onto a wall that brings back memories or makes them feel a strong community connection. This is the magic of the in-person nature of a participatory archiving event. Leave space for these community interactions as you guide Contributors through the process of submitting their Items.

Direct participants to seating areas where they can watch and listen to other Contributors submitting their items. If your event includes Community Tables, encourage participants to visit them.


Track community attendance at the event.

As Contributors complete the Event Registration and Permission Form, they will answer questions about their connection to the community and how they heard about the event. This information will be used after the event to help the Community Working Group learn which methods of advertising worked best to reach the community.